Seeing "Fail to convert id to name:SSLe:Host categorization [0x3a002902;code:2;sub:41] Invalid parameter" in SSL Visibility logs


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ssldata[24638]: [W] Fail to convert id to name:SSLe:Host categorization [0x3a002902;code:2;sub:41] Invalid parameter 

In Policies --> Host Categorization Lists, "Enable Online Query" parameter is *checked* for Blue Coat DB provider:

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Blue Coat WebPulse service returned a Host categorization ID as a response to an Online Query, that could not be found in the downloaded Host categorization database.

Some URL categories are not visible to the end customer and hence are not a part of the Host categorization database regularly downloaded to the device. An example of such category could be "URL Redirector/Alias" that categorizes sessions pointing to URL redirectors:



We might be able to closely identify such sessions by doing a SSL session log review.

Currently, there is no plan to address these categories by i.e. Host categorization DB extension. There are 2 options at the moment:

1) Disable Online Queries for Blue Coat DB provider
2) Ignore these warnings