WebPulse Category Change for googleadservices.com (effective February 24th, 2017)


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Effective February 24, 2017, Symantec will change the categorization of googleadservices.com from Web Ads/Analytics to Technology/Internet.

This change corrects an issue that can occur when the Web Ads/Analytics category is used to block ads in policy. The current blocking behavior can result in a Google ad being rendered even though the click-through will be blocked. The optimal behavior being implemented in this update, will result in both the ad rendering and click-through being blocked, providing a more intuitive and consistent user experience.
Symantec recently collaborated with Google to ensure that Google’s various ad-related processes work as intended when access to the Web Ads/Analytics category is blocked in policy. The collaboration resulted in these conclusions:
  • The googleadservices.com domain is not used to serve ads or content, therefore the current Web Ads/Analytics category is not optimal.
  • Access to googleadservices.com is required for a user to successfully click-through to a visible Google ad, and for Google’s AdWords conversion tracking to work properly.
  • Google AdWords conversion tracking provides advertisers with aggregate performance data and does not identify or track users.
If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding this action, please email us at [email protected]