"Download new system software from this URL" does not work for ProxySG SGOS upgrade


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


On the ProxySG, users might face issues to paste the *.bcsi SGOS image when the download link is too long. 

Pasting the link to the "Download new system software from this URL:" will not show any links to be downloaded.

This article will show how to workaround this issue by using Google URL Shortener.



The normal alternative will be to download the image locally to the client machine and then Upload it from the client machine using the "Upload" Feature.


1. Go to the Symantec download site and copy the address link of the BSCI image.
2. Go to Google URL Shortener.


3. Paste the Symantec link to the "Simplify your links"
4. Click "SHORTEN URL"
5. Copy the shortened URL eg; https://goo.gl/xxxxxx
6. Use the shortened URL to Download the SGOS image from the ProxySG.