ProxySG health check error "Unable to run the health check: Invalid DRTR service name"


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Asset Management Solution Data Center Security Monitoring Edition Advanced Secure Gateway Software - ASG ProxySG Software - SGOS


For the dynamic real-time rating (DRTR) to function, the following requirements must be met:
  • DNS is able to resolve (SGOS 6.6.x) or (SGOS 6.5.x).
  • Internet communication to the previous URL must not be interrupted. Ensure that the firewall allows access to the domain by performing a PCAP from the appliance.
If these requirements are met and the issue still occurs, troubleshoot the DRTR service on the appliance. See the Resolution section below.


On the appliance, restart the DRTR service and clear the DNS cache.

Step 1 - Restart the DRTR service
  1. Connect to the ProxySG command line interface (CLI).
  2. Enter the following commands: 
conf t
service disable
service service-name
service enable

The DRTR service restarts.

Step 2 - Delete the DNS cache
  1. Log in to the ProxySG Management Console.
  2. Select Maintenance > System and Disks > Tasks.
  3. Under Cache and Statistics Tasks, clear the DNS cache.
  4. Click Apply to save your changes.