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Security Analytics UI showing "A critical failure caused a UI panic"


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Security Analytics


After upgrading SA to 7.2.2, the login page shows "A critical failure caused a UI panic. Please contact Support.".


 The database migration did not complete during the upgrade process.


We need to truncate the tables associated with reports, artifacts and meta data, then perform the database migration again. 

Use the procedure below using CLI root access.

1) Truncate reports cascade for reports, artifacts, and meta_info. 

echo 'truncate table report_items cascade;' | su - postgres -c 'psql dsweb' 
echo 'truncate table artifacts cascade;' | su - postgres -c 'psql dsweb' 
echo 'truncate table meta_info cascade;' | su - postgres -c 'psql dsweb' 

2) Then perform the database migration 
# scm db migrate 

3) Clear the panic error,
scm db clear_panic

4) Reboot the machine 
# Reboot