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Backing Up and Restoring Advanced Secure Gateway (ASG) Configuration


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Content Analysis Software - CA Advanced Secure Gateway Software - ASG ProxySG Software - SGOS


This article will explain how to perform the backup and restore for the ASG whereby both Content Analysis and ProxySG configurations will be retained for partial restoration.



The Content Analysis module in the ASG does not have a backup configuration option as the standalone CAS devices.


Perform the backup from the Proxy tab of the ASG Management Console.

Proxy tab > Configuration tab > General > Archive

It will contain the encrypted Content Analysis' "config.xml" configuration file, which should look like below

!- BEGIN content_analysis_system
inline cas-config end-700565352-inline
!- END content_analysis_system


The fastest way to perform the backup including the unencrypted keys is to enter the following command line:

> enable
# show configuration expanded noprompts with-keyrings unencrypted

The feature of Logging into a file in PuTTY can be used to save the command output.



To restore this encrypted piece of configuration, the private key "configuration-passwords-key" is required.
The private keys are not included in the web version of the Archive configuration files. The SSh command is required to retrieve the private keys.
The config.xml file does not include the complete CAS configuration. For more information, refer to the related article Content of the config.xml file from a CAS.
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