How to perform HTTP GET request from ProxySG Command Line Interface


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This article explains how to perform a connectivity test from the ProxySG CLI by sending an HTTP GET request to an Origin Content Server (OCS). A successful HTTP GET request should result in HTTP code 200 or HTTP code 302 (redirection) indicating of successful connections from ProxySG to OCS. Other codes, for example: 401 unauthorized, or 502 bad gateway, may indicate deployment or configuration issues.

Note: Some websites operate only HTTPS, so you should expect to receive an HTTP response code 302 for redirection when testing with such a site.

To perform the test, SSH into the ProxySG CLI and issue the following command: test http get

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Note the HTTP GET results on the last line in the output.

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From the above output, note the HTTP response code 302, redirecting the URL to HTTPS://

Optionally, you can also view this and other tests with a packet capture. You can refer to the following article: How do I create a packet capture filter to capture HTTP GET requests?  for help setting up a packet capture on ProxySG. Please refer to article: Using packet captures - Quick start guide on how to run packet capture from CLI.