Unified Agent (UA) Product codes and installation/uninstallation commands.


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During deploying UA through a GPO, its best to test the install and uninstall on a single machine first and the required toggles.
This case shows the method to silent install the Unified Agent and do not force reboot for the client machine.


A normal install will be interactive and it may allow the user to cancel the installation and deployment.


To install UA silently and no reboot as required by most clients:

<path>bcuaxx-setup.msi /qn CM_URL=https://proxy_ip:8084/proxyclient/proxyclientconfig.xml FORCEREBOOT=no

Note: The setup can't be executed from a network drive.

To uninstall UA:

msiexec /x msi_product_code UNINSTALL_TOKEN=xxx


msi_product_code — The Unified Agent installer’s MSI product code, as follows:

4.6.1.x - {B41CE063-B4D3-4931-87A3-B5DB6985D19C}

4.6.2.x - {E56B4DE1-7A31-4EA3-8008-6CBA3DDBD888}

4.6.4.x - {65E7A44B-F106-4281-98A4-6490F393854A}

4.7.1.x - {37BA9110-A143-46B1-ADAA-498B263DD885}

4.8.1.x - {12C3173D-00E4-4D80-B229-D0DA792E8898}

4.9.2.x - {EE443C8F-11D1-4FCC-8872-C92E584C1CBA}

UNINSTALL_TOKEN — Uninstall password found in Configuration > Clients > General > Client Software > Uninstall Password