Error: Not able to access website Web Security Service


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Web Security Service - WSS


General Troubleshooting template when a website is not accessible.

Symantec support will require information in order to troubleshoot issues that can occur with websites not able to access. The necessary information will differ depending on the nature of the issue. As there are possibilities for this particular issue, we can try to narrow down by looking at these condition(s)



  1. What is the access method you are using to connect to WSS?
    1. Helpful KB reference:
  2. What datapod are you connecting to? Please check from
    1. Helpful KB reference:
  3. Is the issue occurring only for one specific site?
  4.  What is the message you are getting in the browser?
  5.  Client able to perform DNS lookup on client pc? If yes try to get the output
  6.  SSL interception on for HTTPS site?
    1. KB reference:
  7.  Do you know when this issue started?
  8.  Is this a persistent issue?