Problems adding Reporter to Management Center (Role)


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Management Center


When adding Reporter as a device to Management Center, you might get an error when adding the Reporter role. In this case, you must set the Reporter role to _admin.


    To add a Reporter to Management Center:

    1. Select the Network tab.
    2. (Optional) Browse to the hierarchy and folders/subfolders where you want to add Reporter.
    3. Click Add Device. The system displays the Add Device wizard.
    4. Specify the following Connection Parameters:
      • In the Deployment Status drop-down list, select Existing device.
      • In the Device Type drop-down list, select Reporter.
      • Enter the Reporter device's IP address or hostname.
      • Enter the username and password you use to authenticate to the device.
      • Specify the role assigned to this user in Reporter (_admin).
      • (Optional) Set this Reporter to read only mode.
    5. Click Test ConnectionManagement Center attempts to connect to Reporter using the information you entered.

      If the connection test fails, you will receive an error. Make sure that the information you entered is correct and try again. If the connection test succeeds, you receive a success message and the wizard prompts you to continue.

    6. Click Next. Enter a name and description for the Reporter Enterprise Server.
    7. Click Next. Enter the Membership such as the Location, Organization, or the name of the device group to which the Reporter Enterprise Server will belong.
    8. Click Next. Enter the System or User-Defined Attributes.
    9. Click Finish. The Network tab displays Reporter in the device list and the web console displays an alert indicating that the device was added and activated. You can now view Reporter reports.