Procedure to Backup Management Center through the GUI running a Job or through the CLI


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Management Center


Options to backup Management Center through the GUI running a Job or through the CLI.


Backup through the GUI:

1- Go to Jobs Tab > Scheduled Jobs
2- Select "+New Job" from the top left
3- Name the Job > press Next
4- Under the Operation drop down, select Backup Management Center
5- Enter the Server address (support for HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/SCP)
6- Enter Encryption Phrase
7- Enter Username and Password if needed > press Next
8- Press Next for Target (no Target needed for this backup)
9- Select Immediate > click Finish

Check the Job in Job History when it completes.

Link to Webguide for additional information: Management Center Webguide (DOC9804)

Backup through the CLI:

1- Log into the CLI to the # prompt
2- # backup create
3- # backup view (to get the index number of the backup you created
4- # backup export <index#> ftp://ip/path

CLI backup Syntax can be found in the Webguide: CLI Syntax

Newer versions (1.5.x and later) ask for the external server credentials in separate lines after the export command is executed.
If using Management Center 1.4.x, put the username and password before the hostname with port; example below:

Sample syntax:
Management Center# backup export <index> <url>

  • ftp://<username:password>@<hostname[:port]>/path>
  • ftps://<username:password>@<hostname[:port]>/path>
  • scp://<username:password>@<hostname[:port]>/<path>

If the username or password contain the at-sign symbol (@), MC treats the characters after the first @ as DNS name for the external server, hence the error "specified host couldn't be resolved​."