"Unable to access management network configuration (error: 0xa30b0004)" message seen when configuring a management IP during bootstrap


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SSL Visibility Appliance Software


When configuring a management IP address on the SSL Visibility appliance during the bootstrap phase the message "Unable to access management network configuration (error: 0xa30b0004)" will be seen if an ethernet cable is not plugged into port eth1 on the back of the appliance. This message is only seen when attempting to bootstrap the appliance using the serial console. The "platform reboot" and "platform halt" commands will also be unusable

admin> network set ip netmask gateway
Unable to access management network configuration (error: 0xa30b0004)

admin> platform reboot
Reboot appliance? (enter 'yes' to confirm): yes
Unable to reboot appliance

admin> platform halt
own appliance? (enter 'yes' to confirm): yes
Unable to halt appliance


  1. There needs to be an active ethernet cable plugged into eth1 when bootstrapping the SSL Visibility appliance via the serial console.
  2. In rare cases, that error may also be cause by user account corruption related OR not having all permissions required to configure the mgmt port. Similar symptom started with a bad platform install restore file and login to the appliance with different user access level.



To avoid seeing this message and proceeding with the bootstrap configuration there are two options:

  1. Plug an ethernet cable into the management port eth1 on the back of the SSL Visibility appliance. The port must be up and usable by the appliance.
  2.  If a management connection is not available a management IP address can be configured via the Front Panel Display. The instructions for this can be found in the SSL Visibility Getting Started Guide. 
  3. To login to the appliance using admin account which has all the Roles (manage policy, manage appliance, Auditor and Manage PKI)