Search a submitted IM task by Task ID on View Submitted Tasks
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Search a submitted IM task by Task ID on View Submitted Tasks


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Sometime when we get an IM Task ID from IM server log, we would like to search the task on View Submitted Task task for checking Task details, if we search the task by name, we may get many tasks with same name. If we can directly search the task on Task ID, that can save some time and avoid confusion.

On View Submitted Tasks task, is there a way to directly search an IM task by Task ID?




In order to allow searching task on task id, please modify the View Submitted Tasks task in this way: 

1. start Modify Admin Task 

2. search and select View Submitted Tasks 

3. on Modify Admin Task: View Submitted Tasks, switch to 'Tabs' tab 

4. click the pencil icon next to 'Submitted Tasks', it opens the 'Configure Submitted Tasks' panel

5. select 'Allow searching on Task ID' 

7. click Ok 

8. click Submit 


Next time when you run View Submitted Task task, an extra option - "Task ID equals" will be on the search page, whereon you can put an IM task id as a search condition. The result task details page will also show the Task ID value on the top.


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