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How to include the URL list to VPM policy via Management Center


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Management Center


Starting from Management Center 1.7, URL list can be created as shared object to use it in multiple policies. The URL list can be added into the VPM in the Management Center.


  1. At the Management Center Web UI, go to Configuration Tab > Policy. Select the VPM policy.
  2. After selecting the policy, click "Edit". Under the "Editor" tab, go to the "Included Objects". Click "Add Object" to add the URL list into the VPM policy. Save the changes.
  3. The URL List will appear as object in the VPM. Access to the VPM to start using the URL object according by click on the "Launch VPM Editor".
  • Make sure the option "Replace Substitution Variables" is enabled. Without enable "Replace substitution variables", the included URL list will not be detected as Object in the VPM window.
  • To enable the "Replace substitution variables" option, select the VPM policy, click "Edit", go to Info Tab, check the tick-box of "Replace substitution variables", save the changes.





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