ProxySG DRTR/WebPulse Health Check Fails for one Server While the rest are Healthy


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Asset Management Solution ProxySG Software - SGOS


The health check on your ProxySG appliance produces a health warning for the DRTR/WebPulse service. When reviewing the details only one IP address appears to be unhealthy:


This is typically an issue caused by running an older version of SGOS.  The DRTR servers all use TLS1.1 with the exception of which uses TLS1.2.  Starting in SGOS a new TLS1.2 extension has been added called ' signature_algorithms' in order to conform with the TLS1.2 RFC.  This means that prior to any DRTR connection will fail when a connection attempt is made to as the server is expecting the missing extension.


This issue is documented in bug 220955 which is a duplicate of 220955 and has been fixed in SGOS or greater.


There is no service impact to the DRTR/Webpulse service as there are several IP addresses that are used,  if a connection cannot be made to then the service will simply use of of the others.  If you are unable to upgrade you can simply disable the healthcheck for the DRTR service, for these steps please see article 000016376.