RxErrors for "net nic" are shown for the incorrect side in the "link" measurement engine object in PacketShaper


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In this example, the inside interface shows 96 Rx Errors. The inside interface receives packets which are traveling in an outbound direction and the outside interface receives packets traveling in an inbound direction. Contrary to one's expectations, the rx-errors measurement engine variable in the link object will match the NIC RxErrors field for the opposite direction.

PacketShaper# net nic
device Inside 00:e0:ed:ff:ff:fa
Link State: UP (100Mbps) Controller Type: INTEL 82571-COPPER
nic0 MIB:
[15] RxErrors 96

device Outside 00:e0:ed:ff:ff:fb
Link State: UP (100Mbps) Controller Type: INTEL 82571-COPPER
nic1 MIB:
[15] RxErrors 0

PacketShaper# me dump link inbound by time 1h 1h rx-errors
"time", "rx-errors"
"27-Sep-2016 07:00:00", 96

This issue does not affect other variables such as total-rx-bytes.


This is a known issue, please contact technical support for further details.