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Memory utilization increases after upgrading to SSL Visibility 3.9.x


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SSL Visibility Appliance Software


Memory utilization on the SSL Visibility appliances increases after upgrading to any 3.9.x version.


The increase in memory is caused by an anomaly in the cache registry during the upgrade process.


The memory increase is fixed in version


To mitigate the memory increase a factory reset can be performed after the initial upgrade.

For example if a patch upgrade to has already been performed, choose an .nru image of to upgrade the rescue partition. Once the .nru image has been installed reboot the SSL Visibility appliance from the serial console and choose the "Factory re-install" option. If the rescue partition is already loaded with a 3.9.x image proceed directly to the factory reset.

Remember that a factory reset will wipe out the current configuration, and the appliance will need to be bootstrapped again, so ensure to backup everything on the SSL Visibility appliance before proceeding.