Once AnA is enabled, Strong Auth sample app does not work
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Once AnA is enabled, Strong Auth sample app does not work


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Enabling the Webservice Authentication and Authorization makes the Strong Auth Sample application not usable because the user information is retrieved through the UDS web services.

Where do we add the SDK Authentication and Authorization parameters in Strong Auth Sample App when AnA Web service is enabled?


Version : 9.x

Component: AuthMinder(Arcot Webfort)


When we protect AnA token in master admin that has an impact for SDK as well. However we can pass few additional inputs to SDK API in Additional Attributes section to get it working as below. 

AR_WF_SECURITY.userId  (user) 
AR_WF_SECURITY.orgName  (Org name) 
AR_WF_SECURITY.credential ( Credential) 

While making the SDK call or using the Sample application, please pass the above parameters in additional parameters.

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