Different ways to point Agents to the correct Scalability Server
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Different ways to point Agents to the correct Scalability Server


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Client Automation has Agents and they need to be pointed to Scalability Servers(SS), which are then pointed to Domain Managers. If you have a lot of agents and Scalability Servers you might want automated ways to point the agent to the correct SS.

What are the different ways you can point Agents to the correct Scalability Server ?


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There are many different ways to point agents to Scalability Servers, here are just a few:


Infrastructure Deployment - When you first push an agent, you can direct what SS they talk to.


Configuration Policies -  You can use Configuration Policy to point agents to an SS.

DSM\Agent\Common Agents\Common\ Scalability Server Address 

You can create a Configuration Policy for each Scalability Server and point them at a Query Group.


Location Awareness  This is also a Configuration Policy 

DSM\Agent\Common Agents\Common\Location Awareness\

You create a table where you point IP ranges to certain Scalability Servers.


Asset Jobs   You can create command based Asset Jobs that will run the following command:

caf setserveraddress <Scalability Server>

caf register all

Create one of these for each of your Scalabilities and apply them to a Query Based Groups.

Asset Jobs only run when AMagent runs, so the changes will not be immediate.


Software Delivery  Send an SDJob to the agents to move the agent(s) to a SS:

caf setserveraddress <Scalability Server>

caf register all


Login Script   Some users will create a Login Script that runs, that will point machines to a specific Scalability Server.


How you want to do it depends on your environment.

Additional Information

Location Awareness also has an Import and Export Tool

This allows you to create the Location Awareness Table outside of Client Auto and then import it, it also allows you to backup a table that you already created.

What is Location Awareness and can you import and export the Configuration settings?