"reset (Type 03)" showing up in /var/log/messages on Security Analytics


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Security Analytics


Bugs can be found in the firmware of drives.  The reset messages may look similar to:

Sep  8 21:25:01 NEOMAETSSOLERA01 disk_subsystem[19374]: snlog: sn="bc:30:5b:f5:38:43" id="DS" m="23" c="6" event="DISK_STATUS" category="HARDWARE" ip="" model="R720xd" msg="Adapter 1; seqNum: 0x00055756; Time: Thu Sep  8 22:22:49 2016; Event Description: PD 1d(e0x26/s3) Path 5000c50055990f46  reset (Type 03); Device ID: 29; Enclosure Index: 38; Slot Number: 3; "

The tail end of the line indicates, in this case, slot 3.  If the slot number changes regularly, then this is a good candidate for a firmware update rather than a drive replacement.



The errors are caused by bugs in the firmware.


There are multiple files from the manufacturer which can be obtained from Security Analytics support.  They are:

Brand     Model                   Filename
Seagate ST32000645SS  SAS-Drive_Firmware_568C9_LN_RS16_A00.BIN
Seagate ST2000NM0001 SAS-Drive_Firmware_GXCDR_LN_PS08_A04.BIN
Seagate ST2000NM0023 SAS-Drive_Firmware_MF5DP_LN_GS13_A00.BIN
Seagate ST32000640SS SAS-Drive_Firmware_XXTFT_LN_AS0B_A08.BIN
Toshiba MG03SCA200 SAS-Drive_Firmware_0NXTP_LN_DG09_A00.BIN

Applying the firmware updates must be done after the drives are quiesced or idled.

The steps to update the Seagate drive firmware are:

  1. Copy the attached file to your sensor.
  2. Login as root over ssh to the sensor
  3. Change the permissions of the file with  chmod u+x SAS-Drive_Firmware_*.BIN
  4. Stop Security Analytics services with scotus stop
  5. Run the appropriate firmware update file.
For example, ./SAS-Drive_Firmware_568C9_LN_RS16_A00.BIN
This may take 5-15 minutes.  
  1. Monitor /var/log/messages for problems in the future by periodically running:
grep HARDWARE /var/log/messages
Notify support if you experience problems or have questions.