Does Management Center support failover


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Management Center


Failover support was introduced into Management Center (MC) in version 1.5.2


Failover support in MC is similar to what customers are used to seeing in Director.

  1. One device is designated as the primary (Active) the other is designated as the secondary (Passive) device
  2. The secondary replicates data from the primary using secure SSH
  3. Replication of data is near real time
  4. Only the primary can be used to manage devices
  5. Failover support can be configured on both two physical devices or on two virtual devices, however Symantec recommends using VMotion for failover support in a virtual environment. (One advantage to using VMotion in this scenario is that the customer only needs to purchase 1 MC license)

See the "Configure Management Center Failover" in the Configuration & Management Guide (DOC10539)

Note: when using the builtin failover feature, as opposed to VMmotion, licensing information and system settings are not transferred during failover replication.