How to back up Reporter 10.x VA


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Currently, there is no supported method to back up the Blue Coat Reporter 10.x VA instance. The Resolution section below provides a workaround that has not been officially tested by Blue Coat, but has been successfully accomplished in the field.



Step 1--Stop Reporter (or Unload Database)

  • Reporter In the CLI, enter: (enable mode) stop-reporter. This halts the Reporter service (allow time, as Reporter might complete a log processing action or find the best place to halt).
  • Previous 10.x versions: Unload existing database: Administration > General Settings > REPORTER SETTINGS > DATA SETTINGS > DATABASES.
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Step 2--Create Snapshot with vSphere Client.
In the VM interface, right-click the ReporterVM inventory and select Snapshot > Take Snapshot.

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The VM displays the Take Virtual Machine Snapshot window.
  • Enter a unique Name; for example: ReporterVM-2016-08-31.
  • Leave the Description blank.
  • Select Snapshot the virtual machine's memory.
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Click OK to create a Snapshot.

Restore a Snapshot

Step 1
Right-click the ReporterVM inventory and select Snapshot  > Snapshot Manager.

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The inventory displays the available Snapshots.

Step 2
Select the most recent snapshot and click Go to.

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The Recent Task window indicates when the restoration is complete.
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Step 3

Load the database: Administration > General Settings > REPORTER SETTINGS > DATA SETTINGS>DATABASES.

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