Where is the default keyring referenced in the ProxySG by default


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


When the default keyring is expiring and you have created a new default keyring to replace it, you want to remove all previous references to that particular default keyring and need to know where to remove it from


By default, the default keyring is referenced and used for the following.

1. HTTPS Mgmt ConsoleĀ 
To remove it, go to Services-Management Services->HTTPS Console->Edit and change the default keyring from there to the new one

2. SSL Proxy
To change this, Proxy Settings->SSL Proxy->Change the Issuer keyring to the new keyring

3. Proxy Client Manager
To modify this, Clients->General->Client Manager and change the keyring to the new one

4. If you have any SSL Intercept Action object, you need to remove/change it from there as well.