Disabling Google Authenticator for Admin in Security Analytics


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Security Analytics



This may be caused by Google Authenticator not being setup properly for the admin account.


These are the commands the user interface uses to disable google authenticator.  When you cannot login as admin because it is not working properly, follow the procedure below.

This example is for the admin account.  Change the admin name below for the username needed.

  1. Login as root to the CLI using ssh
  2. Enter the following commands:  
usermod -G solera admin
su - postgres
psql -d dsweb

select * from users where username='admin';

The first few lines of the output will look like this:

-[ RECORD 1 ]--------+---------------------------------------------------
id                   | 1
username             | admin
name                 | control_center_admin.default_name


Note the id is 1.  Use that ID for the commands below.

  1. Run the following command:

select * from user_settings;

Output will be similar to:

user_id  |      name      | value 
       1 | language       | eng
       1 | totp           | 4D2FTUY6ENOPPE5Z
       1 | language       | eng
       1 | mime_type_view | derived

  1. Run the following command:

delete from user_settings where user_id=1 and name='totp';

  1. Flush the cache so that it is refreshed:   redis-cli -p 6378 flushall
  2. Then remove the google authenticator config in /home/google-authenticator/ for that user.
rm -fr /home/google-authenticator/admin