How to Troubleshoot HTTP/HTTPS Sessions With Fiddler


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Fiddler is a browser-based plugin that acts as a very useful troubleshooting tool, as it has access to the point of client connections. As opposed to using in-path monitoring tools, the fact that Fiddler works on the client browser means that troubleshooting data can be gathered that includes all elements of request and response. If you are having trouble identifying the cause of client issues with a specific user or website, Blue Coat recommends that you work with Fiddler to find the root cause.  

Please download fiddler4 (Free web debugging tool) from below website, and install it to start capture.



Getting Started with Fiddler

If HTTPS decryption is required:
Fiddler can decrypt HTTPS sessions by re-signing traffic using self-generated certificates.

Go to Menu > Tools > Fiddler options
Select HTTPS tab
Enable "Capture HTTPS CONNECTs and Decrypt HTTPS traffic"
IMPORTANT: Trust the FiddlerRoot certificate TEMPORARY only for testing. DO_NOT_TRUST_FiddlerRoot certificate permanently.

- Click on "Go" to start capture
- reproduce the issue
- hit F5 to refresh
- ensure all sessions show up on the left panel.
- Click "Save" to save as session archive (.saz) file.
- Upload the file to support case.