What is the MTU size of network/device ports on SSLV? Can the MTU be changed?


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SSL Visibility Appliance Software


Please note the article relates to network ports used for SSL interception (inline/TAP) or device ports connected to an appliance doing inspection of decrypted SSL traffic, not the SSLV device management port.

SSLV management port has a configurable MTU using network set mtu CLD command.


SSLV is a transparent device and does care about MTU on its network/device ports. MTU is not configurable there.

However, SSLV can only inspect standard ethernet frame sizes - up to 1500B. Larger frames will be cut-through. This feature has been in place since 3.7.0 version as stated in the SSLV Release Notes:

Basic jumbo frames support; jumbo frames now cut through, so you no longer need to redirect jumbo frame traffic to avoid corruption.