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Red health state after upgrading Malware Analysis Appliance


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Malware Analysis Software - MA



  1. Login to your MAA appliance via ssh or local console using the g2 user
  2. Edit the file /etc/mag2/health.conf
  3. Go to the end of the [redis] section and look for duplicate entries like in this example:
enabled = False
query_interval = 30 # in seconds
max_fragmentation_ratio = 3
min_fragmentation_ratio = 0.8
max_memory_usage = 1073741824
max_connection_rejects = 200
min_changes_since_last_save = 1
bgsave_time_sec = 10
max_durable_connections = 1000
max_volatile_connections = 50
max_durable_connections = 1000
max_volatile_connections = 50
  1. Remove the duplicate lines, save the file and execute the following commands: 
python -m norman.fabric health --restore_rules 
sudo supervisorctl restart df-health-monitor 
  1. The health monitor will now be started and the UI shows a green health state again.