Upgrading to SGOS 6.6.4.x can sometimes break IWA Direct if SMB signing is disabled on the domain controller


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


After an upgrade to SGOS 6.6.4.x or later, the proxy fails to establish a secure channel when SMB signing is disabled on the domain controller (DC) in IWA Direct.



​When the ProxySG appliance tries to establish a secure channel with the DC in IWA Direct, it must involve SMB signing when trying to establish a secure channel. This change of behavior was due to the Badlock vulnerability (CVE-2016-2115 and CVE-20162118).

In SGOS 6.6.4.x, the proxy requires SMB signing. In versions prior to 6.6.4.x, there was no requirement for SMB signing. As a result, upon upgrading to 6.6.4.x, the proxy fails to establish the secure channel if SMB signing was disabled prior to upgrade. 

A packet capture shows that when the proxy sends the SMB request, the flag for "Security Signatures Required" is set to "1", which means SMB signing is required.
No.     Time           Source                Destination           SrcPrt DstPrt Protocol Length Info
    712 37.837828      x.x.x.x               y.y.y.y               1358   445    SMB      117    Negotiate Protocol Request
SMB (Server Message Block Protocol)
        Flags2: 0xc853, Unicode Strings, Error Code Type, Extended Security Negotiation, Long Names Used, Security Signatures Required, Extended Attributes, Long Names Allowed
            .... .... ...1 .... = Security Signatures Required: Security signatures are required


Enable SMB signing on the DC.