Why does my interface show a status of "No Link"?


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


You are attempting to configure the interfaces on your ProxySG appliance to support data speeds of 1 Gbps or higher, but are unable to do so.  Upon attempting to make this change you experience the following:

  • The interface link status displays as "No Link" via the CLI
  • The interface link status displays as "Enabled, no link" via the Management Console


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User-added image

At this point you are asked to:

  • Verify that the respective switch/routers ports they are connected to support the desired speeds
  • Allow the interface to automatically sense the appropriate data port speeds (automatically negotiate link settings)
  • Verify that cabling is not damaged or tampered with, and supports the desired speeds
  • Verify what type of cabling is being used (straight through or cross-over)


This is an issue with the cables used, with respect to 10G copper bypass and non-bypass NICs. 



Based off of information from Bug #203325:

"We only support straight through cables now. We discovered that Intel only supports one specific cross over pattern and we found 3 different cross over wire patterns between our lab and the manufacturing sites. We are replacing the cross over cables used for testing in manufacturing with straight through cables.

The error seen was caused by using the unsupported cross over pattern. Diagnostics removed "crossover" from the the line of output saying that a cable is needed. The error showed up infrequently at 10G, but close to 50% of the time when testing 1G."