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Clarity PPM: Time Period selection values missing on Reports


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Why do the relative time period dates in the report 'Time Period' parameter show blank values for:
-Current Time Period
-Next Time Period
-Previous Time Period


Release: 451-101-15.3-Clarity-Creator User License


There are 2 possible reasons why it is not showing.

1.The DWH_LKP_TRANSLATION is missing the needed records to display the relative time periods 

2. There is a slice issue.


The Time Period Lookup (Report (Time Period) CSK_RPT_TIME_PERIOD) which displays these values, has a description field, that gets updated by another lookup COP_PORTLET_QUERY_TRANSLATIONS which contains all the labels. When the COP_PORTLET_QUERY_TRANSLATIONS lookup is not updated by PMO, some labels are not in CA PPM, and that causes the problem.

Follow these steps to resolve this:
  1. Go to Administration -> Content Add-Ins 
  2. Click the link for "Accelerator: Program Management Office" 
  3. Go to the  "Items" Tab, and filter by Content Item ID=COP_PORTLET_QUERY_TRANSLATIONS
  4. Select that row, and click the "Install" button

Once installed, refresh the scheduled job detail page and you should now see the proper values for Previous, Current and Next time periods.

If already installed, perform the following steps:
1. Reslice the time slice ids: 1 and 55555 

2. Reset the DWH entity on the Administration > System Options page and click Save. 

3. Run the following sequence of jobs: 
a. Time Slicing job. 
b. Update Report Tables job with all parameters checkmarked 
c. Load Datawarehouse job with "Full" parameter checkmarked 


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