Content Analysis System (CAS) supports up to two SNMP trap destinations prior to CAS 1.3.7


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Content Analysis Software - CA CAS-VA CAS-S200 CAS-S400 CAS-S500


Previous to CAS 1.3.7, CAS only supports up to two SNMP trap destinations. The addition of a third SNMP trap destination results in SNMP service restarts, CAS restarts, and onboard statistics/diagnostics not displaying.


The administration guide for Content Analysis states the following:

Enable SNMP Trap Support

  1. Specify one or more trap destinations
  2. Specify the server(s) to which SNMP trap alerts will be sent:
  • Server(s): The IP address or hostname of the SNMP monitoring server. Separate each address with a comma.
  • Security Name: Your SNMP server's community string.
  • SNMP Version: Select the version of SNMP supported by your SNMP monitoring application. Available options are SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, and SNMPv3.
  1. When you're done entering your SNMP server settings, click Save Changes



It is confirmed that two SNMP servers will function as intended. Adding a third SNMP trap destination will cause problems with SNMP services, and may cause SNMP to hang and restart the device. This issue has been resolved in CAS 1.3.7.


Specify up to two trap destinations until you can upgrade to 1.3.7