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How to trim a string in attribute mapping in siteminder


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CA Single Sign On Secure Proxy Server (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign On SOA Security Manager (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign-On


SSO provides the Name Expression to perform many different operations, they can be used in Attribute mapping, responses ….


Attribute Mapping Types

Alias - Specifies an attribute mapping of type alias.

Group - Specifies an attribute mapping of type group name.

Mask - Specifies an attribute mapping of type mask.

Constant - Specifies an attribute mapping of type constant.

Expression - Specifies an attribute mapping of type expression.


Online docs 

Requirement which requires to trim a group name using attribute mapping in User Directory 

Two group names, 2 different userstores (Dir A, Dir B)

 Dir A – groups name cn=SupportUser


Dir B – group name cn=Group-SupportUser

Create 2 mapping 1 for each directory object

Looking to trim Group- from Dir B and map to Dir A




Active directory 2012 as a user store with many groups Policy server windows R12.52 SP1


IsGroupMember is the common name (cn) that is mapped to the underlying directory schema:


   IsGroupMember is mapped to CN= SupportUser,OU=groups,DC=ssosites,DC=com in Directory A.

   IsGroupMember is mapped to Group-SupportUser,ou=groups, in Directory B.


The idea behind Name expression may also be relevant here.  For the expression below if my group name in user store “cn= SupportUser, OU=groups,DC=ssosites,DC=com

Named Expression that will set #group expression to value after Support-

Name: #GROUP1

expression: AFTER(cn,'Group-',TRUE)

If the groups name is cn=Group-SupportUsers,a  the value of the Name Expression becomes  #group = SupportUser


Using this technique you have trimmed Group- from the returned name value pair, this Name Expression can be called later