How to upgrade the SSL Visibility Appliance running 3.x versions


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SSL Visibility Appliance Software


This article describes the steps required to upgrade an SSL Visibility appliance that is running the 3.x versions.


To upgrade the SSL Visibility software you'll first need to download the software image from the Symantec Network Protection Downloads section.

  1. Navigate to > Downloads >  Network Protection (Blue Coat) Downloads
  2. Login with your credentials.
  3. Select SSL Visibility, choose your model and select your desired version.

NOTE: The SSL Visibility appliance supports three different update methods:

  1. .patch - Updates the main partition; includes only the changes from one version to the next, all data and configurations are retained, applied through the WebUI.
  2. .nru - Replaces the existing rescue image with the new image; all data and configurations are retained, applied through the WebUI.
  3. .nsu - System update file; replaces the active image, re-images the rescue partition, triggers restore factory defaults, retains management IP address; all existing data and configurations are wiped, applied through the WebUI.

For more information about Image formats and versions please see Knowledge Article 000031398SSL Visibility Appliance: Difference between .nsu , .nru, and .patch file updates

To upgrade via WebUI, login, then go to the Top Right Hostname > Update 

User-added image
User-added image

Choose your file and the process will start, when finished the device will reboot.

After the system upgrades, it is recommended to load the Known Certificates in the same folder that you downloaded the images, you will find a .p7b file which contains the certificates that the device trust.

After download go to PKI > External Certificate Authorities and click the second + button to add records to the trusted list 

User-added image

and load the data by pasting the text from the file or just loading it (you should rename the file to a short name to be recognized by the appliance).


After an upgrade, you may see a message indicating that a firmware update is needed. A message is also displayed on the LCD and in the system log. To update the BIOS, access the Command Line Diagnostics (CLD) interface, and enter the bios update command. The update will take 15 to 20 minutes (or possibly longer, depending on the appliance) and may include a system reboot. Do not interrupt the process. When you see the message “SSLV startup stage 3: CONFIRMED” displayed on the serial console, the process is complete. Each appliance model may have a distinct BIOS and BMC version. The following table presents the correct BIOS version for each model, as well as the BMC software version. 

SV800-250M-C r1 r1
SV800-500M-C r1 r1
SV1800-C/F r3 r3
SV1800B r5 r5
SV2800 r1 r1
SV2800B r6 r6
SV3800 r1 r1
SV3800B r6 r6
SV3800B-20 r7 r7

More information can be found at the release notes.