SWG VA license can't be installed


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Secure Web Gateway Virtual Appliance ProxySG Software - SGOS


New SWG VA system will not allow the SGOS license to be installed.


Errors that were seen in the Event Log:

2015-06-28 09:45:35-00:00UTC "Warning: <ssl> or <ssl-intercept> layer is used but 'SSL' is not licensed" 0 3B000D:8C afl_compiler.cpp:299
2015-06-28 20:04:30-00:00UTC "Failed trying to download the License subscription file" 0 AF0000:1 loader_impl.cpp:525

The point here is that the Event Log Entry shows the date as the 2015-06-28 where as the year at the time of the install was 2016. So the SWG VA is not able to install the license due to the date being incorrect.


The SWG VA had not been configured with a working NTP server. As soon as the NTP server is configured the SWG VA is able to correct its Date and then it is able to download the license from the license server.

Always need to make sure that the SWG VA has got a DNS configured and an NTP server configured so that it has the correct date and time.