Reporter claims less disk space available than is actaully available on the server


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On a new installation of Reporter 9.5 the customer noticed that Reporter was claiming less space than had been allotted to the database.



Reporter had been configured to use the D: drive for it's default database directory instead of the intended E: drive. Reporter will only monitor the drive that is selected in the "default database directory' as a result it was reporting the size available on the D: drive

to confirm this check the preferences.cfg
paths = {
databases = "D:/Program Files/Blue Coat Reporter 9/databases/"
journal = "D:/Program Files/Blue Coat Reporter 9/journal/"
archive = "D:/Program Files/Blue Coat Reporter 9/archive/"
} # paths



From the Reporter GUI

Administration > General Settings > System Settings > Directories

change the default database directory, this will update the preferences.cfg file and Reporter will now show the disk space available on the drive selected