Requests to through a ProxySG are not cached


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


Receive a message stating that the User-Agent appears automated and the page fails to load


Microsoft no longer allows the ProxySG's default User-Agent string to be used which impacts the ability to proactively pull cached data into the ProxySG


To resolve this issue, disable caching against

VPM Instructions:

  1. From the ProxySG Management Console, go to Policy > Visual Policy Manager, and click Launch.
  2. Create a new Web Content Layer.
  3. Create a new Web Content Layer rule,
    1. Set the destination as a new request url object with >
    2. Set the action to Do not Cache
  4. Click Accept to finish creating the new rule, and click Install Policy to save the rule.


CPL Instructions: 


  1. Browse to Policy > Policy Files.
  2. Next to Install Local File from, select Text Editor and click Install.. The local policy displays in a text editor.
  3. Paste the following policy:

       <cache> cache(no)

  1. Click Install.