Unified Agent and Captive Networks/Terms of Service Pages


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Web Security Service - WSS


Hotels, airlines, schools, and some other places only allow Internet access if you agree to their terms of service or input credit card information.

If Unified Agent is set to 'Block All Traffic' (Fail Close) to disallow Internet access when no connectivity to the service, then the Terms of Service page is blocked. 

NOTE: This might also occur if it is set to 'Allow All Traffic' (Fail Open).


Any connection that requires forms-based authentication might not allow the UA to complete connectivity. These types of issues generally occur in airports or hotels where internet service can be a pay-per-use service. The cloud service attempts to recognize these services and make the UA compliant, but failures might indicate that a service performing an unidentified process.


Set the Unified Agent to 'Allow All Traffic' (Fail Open), which allows Internet access if the UA has an error or has no Internet access. The user must connect to a different network so the change can be obtained by the cloud service.

If that does not resolve the problem, report the hotel, airport, or name of the company to Technical Support. If possible, include the Internet service provider for that location so that support can work with the Internet Service Provider to get the Unified Agent to be compliant.