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Disable "Require Client Certificate to Access Web Interface" on Security Analytics via the CLI


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Security Analytics


You may enable the Require Client Certificate to Access Web Interface via the WebUI though Settings > Security > under Client PKI settings > Checked Require Client Certificate to Access Web Interface.

When you enable this feature, all web browsers that do not have a valid certificate from the Issuing Authority will be prevented from accessing the web interface. You will not be able to disable this feature through the WebUI unless you have a valid certificate.



At the CLI, you can disable Require Client Certificate to Access Web Interface by editing the file /etc/sysconfig/httpd and then restarting the service.

  1. Edit httpd and set the export_SSL_ lines to "" (Two double quotes) and save the file.  After editing the file, the /etc/sysconfig/httpd with export SSL_ should look like:
export SSL_OPTIONS=""
export SSLCA=""
export SSL_CRL_PATH=""
  1. Restart the HTTP service. 
service httpd restart