"Policy_denied" exception page does not display the category being blocked


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Web Security Service - WSS


The error is not displaying the category.

Screen shot 1 shows a content_filter_denied exception page that correctly lists the category:


Screen shot 2 shows a policy_denied exception page which does not list the category:


Access Denied

Your System Policy has denied access to the requested site.

Your System Policy has denied access to the requested URL.

Tech support information: policy_denied 


The policy_denied exception page is displayed because there is a policy rule that matched and denied access to this page. For example, if a rule is added to the policy in Group A, which also has the category set to Gambling and is in the blocked category list, the policy_denied exception page is displayed.


Web Security Service


To have the content_filter_denied exception page displayed instead of the policy_denied page, follow these steps:

  1. Remove any policy rules that block user requests by category
  2. Add the category under G3 Blocked Categories