How to Factory Reset SSL Visibility Appliance on version 3.x


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SSL Visibility Appliance Software


A Factory Reset restores the SSL Visibility appliance to default settings. The steps in this article will show how to perform a factory reset to restore the system to default settings. 

Note 1: There is a reset button in front of the
SSL Visibility appliance but this will basically perform a reboot of the appliance instead of wiping and resetting all configuration of the appliance.

Note 2: The zeroization procedure used by the “Factory re-install” option may not purge all sensitive data from the internal storage devices.


Method 1

Every time that the SSL Visibility appliance is powered on or re-booted it goes through a number of stages before reaching the fully operational state, these stages are termed the "bootstrap" phase.

To enter factory default reset mode, power cycle the appliance and put in the the key sequence on the keypad on the front of the appliance. The key sequence must be typed within five seconds of seeing the “Appliance Startup Loading” message on the LCD screen.

Keypad sequence:
0 1
2 3

0->3->1->2->0->3 ==>Factory default reset

Important: The factory default sequence only works after the LCD turns on and says "Loading..." on the second line. You have five seconds to enter the sequence at this point.

Method 2

There is also a "Factory Reinstall" option in the GRUB boot menu.
i. Reboot the appliance.
ii. Monitor from a console connection to the appliance, or VGA (monitor+ keyboard) connection, and keep hitting F6 when the appliance starts its bootstrap (bootup).
ii. This will bring up the bootloader (GRUB) menu where you can select the "Factory re-install" option.

Method 3

Another option is an .nsu upgrade. When you upload an .nsu file to the SSL Visibility appliance, all partitions are wiped, although the  management IP address is retained.  
From the SSL  Visibility Release Notes:
".nsu: System update file; replaces the active image, re-images the rescue partition, triggers restore factory defaults, retains management IP address; all existing data and configurations are wiped, applied through the WebUI."