Images in Google Search, and other google domains are not being displayed when SafeSearch policy is enabled on the ProxySG or ASG


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ProxySG Software - SGOS Advanced Secure Gateway Software - ASG


If you install Google SafeSearch with the default policy you will not encounter this issue. However, if you change the following from:

;<proxy> url.category="Search Engines/Portals" condition=!BC_SafeSearch_all_Domains
;url.query.regex="" http.response.code=200..299 DENY("Denied: Safe Search not implemented.") 


<proxy> url.category="Search Engines/Portals" condition=!BC_SafeSearch_all_Domains
url.query.regex="" http.response.code=200..299 DENY("Denied: Safe Search not implemented.") 

then you will see image display problems.
The above policy is required if you want to block searches using search engines such as the one on which don't implement SafeSearch functionality.

The image display issue is known to occur with the following domains:
Google Picture Search



When enabling the above rule it will match for various Google CDN's hosting the image files so they will get denied. You need to add extra policy for the affected domains to the BC_SafeSearch_all_Domains condition.


Add and and other Google domains exhibiting the issue to the BC_SafeSearch_all_Domains condition. For example:

define condition BC_SafeSearch_all_Domains