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ProxySG sends ICAP trap for SNMP manager even though there is no ICAP configuration


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


The SNMP manager receives the following ICAP trap from the ProxySG appliance, even though the ProxySG doesn't have ProxyAV or Content Analysis configurations:

(enterprises.3417.2.14.2 specific:1 timestamp:XXXXXXXXX 
(enterprises.3417. [1 7 0] 3997703) sgICAPNotification 
(enterprises.3417. [2 28 0] drtr_service_199_116_169_244) icapServiceStatsName 
(enterprises.3417. [7 1 0] 0) icapServiceStatsDeferredReqs 
(enterprises.3417. [7 2 0] 13) icapServiceStatsQueuedReqs

This behavior is expected. When you enable the Blue Coat WebFilter (BCWF) service, the appliance reports the dynamic real-time rating (DRTR) server for icapServiceStatsName. This ICAP trap is sent to the SNMP manager when the appliance cannot send dynamic rating requests to the DRTR server due to network access issues.