PacketShaper 11.x returns 404 error, when trying to run a command file


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PacketShaper S-Series


In legacy PacketShaper, it is possible to create CMD files with '$' variables. When you have a repetitive task (such as creating hundreds of IP address-based classes and partitions for customers or students), legacy PacketShaper offers a way to automate the process with a fill-in-the-blank data entry form. To create the form, you first create a command file that contains the CLI commands you want to execute (such as the commands to create new classes). At each place in the command that contains variable information (such as the IP address and customer name), you insert a variable (for example, $ip and $customer).

In PacketShaper 11.x, if you try to use the '$' variable in a command file and click Run, instead of displaying a data entry form, an HTTP 404 error appears.


This feature is not currently included in PacketShaper 11.x. You can not use '$' variables in CMD files to create a data entry form. This is documented in the list of temporarily removed features list in PacketGuide. See PacketShaper Feature Matrix.


There is no immediate solution for this issue, although it may be added in future.