Compatibility with New Storage Devices DS8886F ALL FLASH ?
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Compatibility with New Storage Devices DS8886F ALL FLASH ?


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager


Is CA Vantage 12.0 compatible with storage devices "IBM DS8886F ALL FLASH ?


Release: SMV3EN00200-12.6-Graphical Management Interface


There is nothing special implemented about DS888x family in the Vantage GA code. You will see some information in the existing objects to the extent the DS8880 is compatible with the old models. However, we are working on the DS8880 specific support (over REST API) in version 14.0.

You can validate the first object which shows basic information about DS8870/DS8880 boxes like capacities and firmware levels in a common table for all such boxes. There must be TCP/IP connection from the Vantage LPAR to the boxes. No channel connection is needed. We will extend the support to provide more information.