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Testing Security Analytics LDAP functionality


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Security Analytics



1. SA UI setting for LDAP

Setup LDAP Authentication in Settings / Authentication in the Security Analytics UI
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Please begin with a simple setup to make sure that connectivity and authentication works fine.
You can then add complexity when you are sure the basics are working.
After doing this, validate your settings using ldapsearch finding a certain user (user1) in the specified searchbase
2. Example user data
BINDDN='[email protected]'
3. ldapsearch CLI Parameters needed:
ldapsearch -x -h $HOST \
4. ldapsearch CLI example using the user data from #2.
ldapsearch -x -h -p 389 -D [email protected] -w Passw0rd -b "dc=lab,dc=mtdtest,dc=com" "(&(objectClass=User)(sAMAccountName=user1))"
3. Output abridged (full output attached as a text file)
# extended LDIF
# LDAPv3
# base <dc=lab,dc=mtdtest,dc=com> with scope subtree
# filter: (&(objectClass=User)(sAMAccountName=user1))
# requesting: ALL
# user1 MTD, Users,
dn: CN=user1 MTD,CN=Users,DC=lab,DC=mtdtest,DC=com


msExchRBACPolicyLink: CN=Default Role Assignment Policy,CN=Policies,CN=RBAC,CN
 =mtdtest,CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=lab,DC=mtdtest
publicDelegatesBL: CN=quarantine,CN=Users,DC=lab,DC=mtdtest,DC=com
# search reference
ref: ldap://,DC=lab,DC=mtdtest
# search reference
ref: ldap://,DC=lab,DC=mtdtest
# search reference
ref: ldap://,DC=lab,DC=mtdtest,DC=com
# search result
search: 2
result: 0 Success
# numResponses: 5
# numEntries: 1
# numReferences: 3
[[email protected] ~]#
 If you are still having issues and want to analyze the the logs, you can follow the steps in this KB article to enable additional debugging: 000024497