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Issue creating a Token Vault using MySQL for Cloud Data Protection 4.x


Article ID: 168991


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CDP Integration Server


Attempting to create a Token Vault in MySQL results in a failed to save error when using a non-root user.


The store procedure that is created in the tokenspace1 database uses a function that sets a global variable.  This is the only database that uses this stored procedure.
For the server to create this stored procedure it needs the SUPER privilege.  This is not part of the grant all set of privileges as such using GRANT ALL on the cdp user will not work.  The default root user has this privilege by default.


Grant SUPER to the user attempting to connect to the Tokenspace1 database.

GRANT ALL on tokenspace1.* to 'cdpadmin'@'localhost';
GRANT SUPER on *.* to 'cdpadmin'@'localhost';