Unable to login to Salesforce for Outlook through Cloud Data Protection


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CDP Integration Server CDP for Salesforce


Users are unable to log into the Salesforce for Outlook plugin through Cloud Data Protection.


This could potentially be due to two reasons:
  1. Cookieless User-Agents need to be configured in the Integration Server
  2. The Integration Server certificate needs to be imported as a Windows Trusted Certificate


Adding a Cookieless User-Agent:
  1. On the Integration Server, navigate to the ReverseProxy/config folder
  2. Open the configfile.xml
  3. Ensure that the revproxy:cookielessUserAgents section exists and is populated with the below parameters.
Note:  The below are all of the default Cookieless User-Agents that should be part of the configfile.xml.  The specific one required for Salesforce for Outlook is the "OutlookSync" User-Agent.

    <revproxy:cookielessUserAgent>Microsoft Office</revproxy:cookielessUserAgent>
    <revproxy:cookielessUserAgent>MS Web Services Client</revproxy:cookielessUserAgent>
    <revproxy:cookielessUserAgent>iPhone OS</revproxy:cookielessUserAgent>

Importing the Integration Server certificate into Windows' Trusted Certificates:
  1. On the Windows Desktop, click Start
  2. Type mmc
  3. In the Console, click File > Add/Remove Snap-in
  4. Add "Certificates"
  5. Choose to manage for "Computer Account"
  6. Choose to always manage "Local Computer"
  7. Click Finish, then OK to complete
  8. Expand Trusted Root Certification Authorities
  9. Select Certificate folder under Trusted Root Certification Authorities
  10. Click Action > All Tasks - Import
  11. Import the Integration Server certificate