Thomson Reuters Eikon application compatibility with Cloud Web Security Service


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Web Security Service - WSS


The Thomson Reuters Eikon application is installed onto a workstation that is running Unified Agent in Cloud mode
The Thomson Reuters Eikon application doesn't work through the Cloud service
Application states that it is going into local mode because it can't connect to the Internet


To debug the issue, a packet capture was taken when Unified Agent (UA) was not installed to view the traffic pattern.  Initially, all observed traffic was put into the bypassed sites list.  When UA was installed and the application was re-run, the application stated that it couldn't connect to the Internet and was going into "local" mode.  A packet capture revealed that no traffic was being sent out.

Some applications (Fiddler, LanDesk Management Suite) use the loopback address ( in order to function.  By default UA will intercept and discard this traffic destined to localhost.  Some malware and proxy avoidance software may use the loopback address.  The loopback address was added to the bypassed sites list.  IP range was also added to the SSL bypass list.  After those two IPs were added, the application started working.


NOTE:  This solution is specific for Unified Agent in Cloud mode.  If you are using a different access method, such as firewall/VPN/IPsec, explicit, or proxy forwarding, you can skip step #1 below.

Please do the following: 

1.)  Login to the portal and go to Service mode > Network > Bypassed sites. Add: 

2.)  Go to SSL Interception and add the following IP range to the SSL bypass list:  <---  Note:  This address space is owned by Thomson Reuters.

3.)  On UA, click on the reconnect button.

4.)  Test