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Actual PacketShaper power supply trap OID is different from from what is listed in the MIB file


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PacketShaper S-Series


In the file BLUECOAT-PACKETSHAPER-S-SERIES-MIB.m" for v11.5.1.3 the trap OID for "psAlarmPowerSystemOne" shows as follows.

STATUS current
"A psAlarmPowerSystemOne trap signifies that the first power
supply of the device has failed."
::= { psTraps 4 }

However, if you do a test and pull out the power cable from power supply one, the PS S-Series sends a trap packet showing OID "".

SNMP Trap OID for psAlarmPowerSystemOne in MIB file is documented as:

Actual psAlarmPowerSystemOne trap OID sent while disconnecting the power cable:


The description in the is incorrect.


The new MIB files posted for have been corrected. With the updated MIB files, you will get the trap that matches the description in the MIB file.

You should use the latest MIB files.