Loss of connectivity to ProxySG appliance after connecting to VLAN router


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


You experience loss of connectivity to the ProxySG appliance after connecting to a VLAN router.


By default, the ProxySG appliance doesn't include the VLAN ID on traffic sent out to the router, causing the router to reject the traffic based on VLAN ID mismatch.


Add the VLAN to the appliance.

In the following example, set up interface 1:0 with VLAN ID 10 and IP address

In the Management Console:
  1. Remove the IP address from ProxySG physical interface (Configuration > Network > Adapters > Adapters).
  2. Add a New VLAN and input the VLAN ID and IP address on the interface you want to use.

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In the command line interface:
  1. Connect to the appliance via an SSH or serial console
  2. Enter enable mode, and then enter configure mode.
  3. Remove the IP address from the physical interface, for example:
    #(config interface 1:0.10 )no <ip-address>
  4. Add the new VLAN, for example:
    #(config interface 1:0.10)ip-address
Refer to the Command Line Interface Reference for details.